Marketing & creative teams love Slope

Companies of all sizes are using Slope to manage their creative work

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Oakland A's
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Klein Tools

Here are their stories.

How the Oakland A's expand their fan base with creative content

"Our team is way more confident in the work that we're producing now that we're using Slope."
Charlie Hunts, Marketing Manager

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How Ranker increased productivity 66% switching to Slope

"By bringing our content workflow into one tool, we've seen an increase in both quality and quantity of our work."
Andrew Price, Head of Video

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How the Seattle Sounders grow their fan base with Slope

"One of the things we love about Slope is that it allows us to do more work more efficiently in a shorter window of time."

Kyle Sheldon, VP of Marketing

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How Bogle Vineyards uses Slope to launch new wine brands

"With Slope we are able to produce more output with higher quality with faster efficiency."
Eric Ariyoshi, Director of Marketing

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Content Harmony sees success for their clients by using Slope

"Slope has really allowed us to quickly go from an internal editing round to a client editing round to a publishing point—all in one place."
Kane Jamison, Founder

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How LAGOS streamlines their marketing & creative operations with Slope

"Now that LAGOS has switched over to Slope, the biggest advantage comes from consolidating their workflow management into one location."

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Title Source produces more content in less time using Slope

"We're able to get feedback a lot quicker from team members and team leaders. That means we can turn out a marketing piece quite a bit faster."
Jennifer Rand, Marketing Director

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Slope centralizes all of Abaxis' creative work

"Slope saves us hours of time we’d otherwise spend scrubbing through emails."
Torrey Inez, Director of Marketing

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Slope keeps everyone on the same page at BitTitan

"Slope brought everything into one place and has saved us an incredible amount of time."
Ian Connors, Video Production Manager

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Slope connects Microsoft Accelerator's global team

"Slope streamlines the messy and disorganized process of producing media content across multiple stakeholders."
Aya Zook, Principal

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How Apptentive manages their content marketing with Slope

"With Slope, Apptentive’s marketing team is experiencing better work, faster turnaround, more organization and clearer feedback. The team is much happier now that they have an simple tool that makes doing their job well that much easier."

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Klein Tools gets real-time feedback and progress updates with Slope

"In the past, I was managing a cumbersome Excel worksheet for projects and status. A problem needed to be solved."
Jeffery Grampovnik, Creative Services Manager

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