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Create transparency in creative process

Eliminate email for creative work

Consistently meet deadlines

Why Abaxis uses Slope.

"Slope has helped keep creative in one place, enabling us to communicate more effectively and not miss critical items, errors, etc. It ensures we don’t miss important deadlines that can negatively impact our business."

Founded in 1989, Abaxis got its start when scientists sought to develop and manufacture a small biochemical analyzer to use in NASA space laboratories. Since then, the company has grown immensely and now covers a large percentage of all general chemistry tests used in medical and veterinary diagnostics.


In 2016, Marketing Director Torrey Inez knew that his team needed a better way to keep up with the company’s growth. Between website updates, trade shows, trade publications, mailers, and email campaigns, his team needed to produce a ton of content. Torrey knew that creative, relevant, and educational content would be integral to his team’s success.


Prior to using Slope, Abaxis’ marketing team relied on a hacked-together system of email chains and spreadsheets. However, as the company began to rely more heavily on visual content, this poor form of communication proved itself to be slow and inefficient, hampering the quality of work produced and ultimately cultivating a fragmented message for potential customers.


Torrey needed a system that would allow his creatives to communicate effectively with one another, update each other on the status of projects without having to call regular meetings, help him prioritize tasks, and ensure that deadlines were met.


Slope addressed these problems directly, making it easy to:

  • Assign deadlines and hold people accountable to them
  • Keep track of the status of every task
  • Give real-time feedback directly on creative work without resorting to email
  • Collaborate on videos

"Slope saves us hours of time we’d otherwise spend scrubbing through emails. It also ensures that we don’t miss important deadlines that would negatively impact our business."

- Torrey Inez, Director of Marketing

With Slope, all creative work is centralized in one place. For Abaxis, that means that instead of having their creatives spend their time searching for the right asset or looking for the details of assignment, they can actually focus on the task at hand: creating engaging content that provokes an emotion from their audience and strengthens their brand.

“If [we can make our audience] know us and know our story, hopefully they feel a connection and that helps create a loyalty from our customer base.”

- Andrew Ghiringhelli, Senior Creative Designer


When we asked Torrey about the future of creative content in such a technical workspace, he said the answer was clear: “Video, video, and more video.” Abaxis continues to use Slope for static images, but is, with increasing frequency, harnessing Slope’s power for collaborating on video content.

And his creative team isn’t complaining. As Senior Creative Designer Andrew Ghiringhelli says, “Now everything is in Slope so I can spend more time just designing/creating.” Finally, he can focus on what’s most important—doing his job and doing it well.

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