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Content Harmony is a content marketing agency focused on mid-sized and high-growth companies



Seattle, WA



Reduced amount of tools used for creative review

Saved hours each week on feedback

Provide clients with improved experience

Why Content Harmony uses Slope.

"Slope has allowed me to go quickly from an internal editing round to a client editing round to a publishing point—all in one place."

Content Harmony is a marketing agency based in the heart of Seattle. They have a firm understanding that engaging content is what drives business. Unlike other agencies, Content Harmony doesn’t merely seek to increase page views and content output; instead they measure their success by whether their clients see an increase in sales, engagement, and customer retention.





Seth Kolloen, Creative Director: Those higher level things of being able to capture feedback more effectively and have a process that lets creative people be creative—that’s going to show up in the work and our ability to retain clients and get new ones.

Kane Jamison, Founder: Before Slope, our project management process consisted of a bunch of different tools. With the amount of people we need to approve things—both internally and externally—we weren’t providing our clients with an experience I was proud of.

SK: When we were using multiple systems to do reviews and approvals, our team was confused about where the review and approval process even was and we couldn’t capture all the information in a single place.

KJ: Slope has really allowed us to quickly go from an internal editing round to a client editing round to a publishing point—all in one place.

SK: Slope speeds up my workflow because of the way it captures feedback. Slope enforces accountability on reviewers and also the creative people. Because the feedback is associated with a document or the graphic or the video, it’s a lot easier to monitor and get clarification.

KJ: The biggest return on investment from Slope is that everyone knows they need to log into Slope to do a creative approval. It cuts down on a lot of those small decisions throughout day, which when spread across 20 individuals involved on any project, really adds up.Slope works to make our content production process faster, not just towards making a generic project management process go faster. Being able to be able to work in a platform that’s designed around the type of work we’re doing is incredibly valuable and hard to find.

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