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7 global cities in 5 continents across 6 time zones



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Why Microsoft Accelerator uses Slope.

"When you’re working with startups, you have to keep pace with the speed of innovation. We can’t sit on content to make sure everybody approves and take weeks to do that."

There are are a variety of global Microsoft programs developed to help entrepreneurs at different stages of their career, and Microsoft Accelerator is one of them. It is built specifically to empower startups on their journey into the enterprise market Microsoft knows so well.

Content is one of the key methods the accelerator utilizes to tell its story. Operating in 7 cities across 5 continents means there are a lot of moving parts to keep track of in order to keep that message consistent, especially when one campaign could consist of over a hundred pieces of content. Watch the video (or check out the transcript below) to see how Slope helped manage that content and streamline their production process!



Aya Zook: When you’re working with startups, you have to keep pace with the speed of innovation. We can’t sit on content to make sure everybody approves and take weeks to do that. The emotional state I think was a constant frenzy—we all knew the information was there, but we didn’t know how to get to it quickly. Then we came across Slope, and that was the right solution for the problem that we had at the time.

Microsoft Accelerator runs in 7 global cities, in 5 continents across 6 time zones. My work entails working with the global accelerator leads across the seven programs, and to make sure that we’re not just telling a consistent message but we’re creating quality content that not only helps Microsoft, but also helps the startups tell their story.

Increasingly, over the last couple of years, I think we’ve seen a dramatic spike in rich media content, video and different data driven content—infographics and visualized content as well. When we initially set off on this video project we were tasked with producing over a hundred pieces of content. Each [piece of] content does deserve a review process. Historically the process has been very messy and dispersed. We’re using emails, we’re doing conference calls. We’re also using OneDrives and different shares. That means that there’s a lot of places to look for [content] and a lot of stuff to sift through.

Well, now that we’re using Slope it allows me to do a lot less but get more value out of what I’m doing. It let us scale quickly, it let us involve the right team members in a very intuitive way. And it also let us manage all the content we’re producing in a very simple, understandable process.

Often is the case with new tools is that we’re all inundated with tools and it takes a little time to get the education and the ramp up time to get a lot of good use out of it. But in the case of Slope, despite this being a brand new tool for the entire team (and we have a global team which understands and processes information in different ways) the tool was super intuitive where people were instantly using it and understanding what they need to do to get the value.

As a result of the campaign we were able to produce over a hundred pieces of content that were distributed not across just our channels, but we’re also able to arm the startups that we’re helping so they can go their stories on behalf of us. My name is Aya Zook, I’m the global marketing lead for Microsoft Accelerator.

In full disclosure, Slope participated in Microsoft Accelerator's 2015 Seattle class.

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