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Title Source is one of the largest independent providers of title insurance, property valuations and settlement services in the nation



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Why Title Source uses Slope.

"Before we found Slope, there was a lot of running around and trying to chase down people who maybe we needed to get some input from, some feedback from, or approvals from."

Title Source is one of the country’s leading providers in title insurance, property valuations, and settlement services. As a large company, they publish large amounts of both internal and external content to drive their marketing and awareness objectives—and they use Slope to help manage their production process. Watch the video (or check out the transcript below) to see what their thoughts are on using our product!



Erik Hill: You know, nowadays in the digital age, with online marketing, digital marketing—digital media is pretty much at the center of that Initiative.

My name is Erik Hill and I work for Title Source as a digital media creator.

Content marketing is the future of marketing: how much value can you add to your audience and how much value can you add on a regular basis? Because it’s that value that’s going to get them to know, like, and trust you.

Jenn Rand: I’m Jenn Rand. I’m a marketing director for Title Source, and we provide title insurance, appraisals, and closing services.

EH: So each marketing strategist has their own copywriter and graphic designer, and then we have a digital media team within the marketing team. The digital media team supports all of the marketing strategists and each of their initiatives—being able to use digital media to help brand ourselves, to help generate new leads, and help to generate new business. But we’re also creating a lot of content internally as well.

JR: Video, we use quite a bit as far as a part of our content marketing solution. Before we found Slope, there was a lot of running around and trying to chase down people who maybe we needed to get some input from, some feedback from, or approvals from.

EH: We would upload our videos to vimeo, we’d grab the links, and we’d share it within the team. All of our feedback and comments and anything that we would need to change lived in email. Stuff might get lost and you just have to keep track of email chains and...

JR: That’s time that we’re wasting, that we could be spending developing that content, or tweaking that content, or finishing it up and putting that final polish on it—so it was definitely time that was wasted. Slope for sure helped us with that and cut out a lot of time that was unnecessary.

EH: Slope has definitely been a great part of workflow, it’s definitely helped us streamline our process. The end user on our team, they really appreciate it because it’s just a nice clean effective way to put their feedback all in one spot and they can see the feedback from anybody else who’s been added to the project or the video or the asset.

Slope is great in that you can upload any sort of content that you want - it could be a word document it could be a .pdf, it could be a .jpeg or .png. It’s a great platform to get feedback on any kind of media that your team might be creating

JR: We’ve seen a huge improvement in just the amount of time that it takes for us to put together a video. We’re able to get feedback a lot quicker from team members and team leaders that we’ve been working with. And we can get our message out there that much faster, which is huge for us in the marketing world.

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